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Anonymous 11 months ago
Pretty girl. Lucky guy. Imagine knowing that tomorrow you are going to get to have sex with a beautiful, sexy, uninhibited women who wants to have sex with you, & everything is being arranged & set up for you (e.g. pre-testing for STDs, the time, the place, the setting, etc.) -- no complications, no hassles, no strings. Just raw sex with a gorgeous sexy woman that wants to have sex with you. That means you are going to get naked with her & see every sexy inch of her body in a sexual context. You're going to get to kiss, lick, suck, rub, massage, & caress her entire body & all of its wonderful parts. She's going to kiss, lick, suck, stroke, & caress you. She's going to take your cock in her mouth. You get to do anything & everything you desire to her pussy. She's going to get wet for you. You get to put your cock inside her engorged, wet, warm pussy -- & fuck her (without a condom) for as long as you want & in as many different positions as you want. You get to give her orgasms & share her pleasure. You get to cum inside her pussy or her mouth, or both.
So, why are most guys in porn videos so casual, robotic, perfunctory, sedate, nonchalant, & non-expressive?! Aside from the erection & cumming at the end, there is very little to indicate that they are exited or that they are really enjoying the most awesome, incredible, fantastically pleasurable activity that humans can engage in. Why wouldn't you show & EXPRESS your excitement, arousal, enjoyment, & desire?! Things like telling her how beautiful & sexy she is, how much you want her, how beautiful her pussy is, how good it tastes, how much you like to suck on her lips, how much you love her pussy & how wet she is, how much you want to fuck her, how much you love fucking her, how good her pussy feels, etc., etc., etc. The point is, let's liven things up! After all, IT'S SEX! -- with beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, uninhibited women who want to have sex. The guys that get to do this should at least be excited to do it!
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