Watching this shit might give you an eye cancer

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Hellebarde 10 months ago
Anonymous asked: "Why would someone do this?" Well, I can tell you this: It feels extremely good to push your insides out. When you anally stimulate yourself to a point where you feel like you just HAVE to push because it feels so good, then that's exactly what you do. And after doing this many many times, the muscles, skin and ligaments adapt to it, so much that your hole becomes more open and you can push out more and more of your lower intestine.
Anonymous 11 months ago
max likes this
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous 1 year ago
My eyes!! My fucking eyes!! I'm scarred man!!! Why would someone do this? Why?? Her insides are literally falling out!!
vika100 1 year ago
Смотриш и просто слюни текут. Как бы поменятся с кем нибуть ролями.
Угарр 1 year ago
Пиздец, вот как развлекаются бабули на пенсии
vika100 1 year ago
Класс и я так хочу. Пасив. Sviktor-1973@yandex,ru
Mr. Sandman 1 year ago
Give us more you filthy bastard
Anonymous 1 year ago
pissing 2 years ago
ТунКун 2 years ago
Пиздец, как рыжая так себе пизду растянула?
Anonymous 2 years ago
Вот какой должна быть реклама Билайна!
Oxana 2 years ago
она супер. я себе тоже растягиваю но до нее еще далеко...классная пиздорванка
Big and waiting 3 years ago
How does she shit without prolapse? Who will do this to me?
Михей 3 years ago
Хрена она ей кишки вылизывает? Надо было сразу говна пожрать и все.
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